Screamin’ Mimi’s Salsa

The salsa that says WOW!

Every single time we see someone taste Screamin’ Mimi’s for the first time… their first word is WOW!

Screamin’ Mimi’s unique gourmet taste is a flavor sensation! Subtle sweetness rounds out it‘s fresh, spicy, but not too hot, flavor. It’s everyday gourmet!

Wow your TASTEBUDS! Enjoy chips and salsa everyday.
Wow your DINNER! A one ingredient marinade or gourmet sauce
Wow your GUESTS! A one ingredient easy appetizer.
Wow your HOSTS! For potluck try Screamin’ Mimi’s with chips, over cream cheese, or in sour cream for dipping.
Wow your GIFT GIVING! The perfect simple hostess or thank you gift or wow them with a Gift Box Set.

Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll become part of Screamin’ Mimi’s Family of Friends! You will LOVE Screamin’ Mimis!

3 ways to order
Toll Free: 866-322-7674
or just CLICK HERE!