Screamin’ Mimi’s Salsa

The salsa that says WOW!

Screamin’ Mimi’s Family of Friends started with a Real Family…

Four generations of women cooked up their special salsa that was too good to keep a secret.

Mimi’s original ‘Hot Sauce’

For over 25 years, friends and family of "Mimi" Cox enjoyed the unique flavor of her special "hot sauce!" "What's in that?" just drew a sly grin and a simple explanation; “A little of this, some of that and a bit of love for my friends!” The secret is fresh ingredients, combined with love and fun.

Mimi's name and her "hot sauce" recipe became Screamin’ Mimi’s when her daughter Donna Madden, started Screamin' Mimi's Salsa in 1992 with Donna’s husband, Bill. Screamin’ Mimis philosophy is to add a little zest to life.

Enjoy life! Enjoy good times! Enjoy friends!

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