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Sweet Hot Salsa

People love Screamin' Mimi's Sweet Hot Salsa. It’s refreshingly different from traditional hot salsa. It is a ‘just right’ blend of fresh, perfectly ripened tomatoes, sweet peppers, jalapenos, garlic and secret spices. It’s balance of sweet and spicy makes it different from any other.

It’s a perfect complement to food and doesn’t compete with flavors or ruin the taste with too much heat like other salsas do.

Used as a snack, part of the perfect meal, flavor enhancer or marinade for great meat and seafood dishes, this salsa focuses on taste and quality without the need for a burn.

Sweet Hotter Salsa

Screamin' Mimi's Sweet Hotter Salsa provides that same unique flavor but simply revs up the heat just enough to give it extra ‘character’.

Case quantities available.

Sweet Hottest Salsa

A “set yourself free” version of our original salsa. Definitely not a salsa for sissies. Fresh ingredients and spices that takes Mexican foods, grilled beef and other dishes to new heights. Now…get ready for a great ride!

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