Screamin' Mimi's

Our Story, Our Salsa

Screamin’ Mimi’s salsa is a family recipe that has been passed down through four generations of women. For over 100 years, their signature sweet, hot salsa was a constant and comforting presence on the table for the whole family to enjoy. 

In 1993, fourth-generation Donna and Bill Madden began to bottle their family’s unique salsa recipe. Since then, they have been sharing their love for this product with folks all across Kentucky, and relishing in the joy it brings to family gatherings. 

Shortly after Screamin’ Mimi’s hit the shelves in grocery stores around Lexington, Kentucky, our owner Webb’s Mom (coincidentally, also named Mimi) bought a jar. Their family was instantly hooked. 

For the Milwards, it started with a mom just trying to satisfy the appetites of her growing boys. After hours of adventuring (and troublemaking), it brought Webb and his siblings back into the kitchen. At birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and on game days, it brought the family together, shoulder-to-shoulder around the table. It brought friends old and new together, reaching over, under, and around. Toward the salsa. “Mimi’s” salsa.

In 2019, the recipe was passed down to a fifth generation, when Webb Milward bought the company. A different family, but the same spirit of messy, beautiful togetherness that inspired the salsa all those years ago.

No matter the era, or what your family looks like, every family has a Mimi: sweet but strong-willed women who carry on cherished family traditions and create new family memories.

With this spirit at its core, our company now moves into a new chapter steeped in tradition. Our sweet hot salsa remains the glue of the gathering. It’s sweet with a swift kick of heat, much like Mimi, and it’s a joy to share this recipe with you and yours.

What memories will you make?




A note from Webb Milward:
Owner, and Mimi’s biggest fan

I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, where my mom always made sure there was plenty of Screamin’ Mimi’s salsa for my brothers and me to enjoy.    

Since the mid-90’s, that sweet hot flavor has been a staple in our family. Over the years, it’s constant presence has been felt at almost every single event and celebration.         

Screamin’ Mimi’s Salsa, then and now, makes its home in Kentucky. We’re proud to be a local product. We’re also proud to make your family gatherings just a little bit sweeter.